Chemical processes

Chemical and pharmaceutical sectors are very important industrial departments in which microwaves are often used. Due to the complexity of the processes involved, the use of chemically aggressive materials and agents, and the need for separation between the energy source and the material, microwave technology is often chosen. It allows you to precisely control the technological process, while maintaining all necessary regimes.


Maintaining the product temperature within certain limits, determined by technological conditions is extremely important. Difficulty arises when this product is highly chemically aggressive.

There are materials that protect the heaters from aggressive liquids. However, the eventual replacement of the heater involves technical and organizational problems. Microwave devices that heat materials do not come into contact with them. So they are not exposed to their aggressive action. The heated product can be stored in a tank or flow in a coil.

The devices most commonly used for this type of tasks are various types of generators, chambers and microwave reactors.


Providing the right amount of energy in a relatively short time is sometimes necessary to initiate and properly run a chemical process. The effect of such a process may be the release of significant amounts of heat or gases. Continuous process control and quick response to changes is another issue.

In microwave devices, all these elements can be included. Microwave systems deliver precisely defined power. There is no inertia associated with the heating and cooling of the heaters. Thermal insulation of the microwave part and a separate process gas removal installation is not a problem.