Shipments of larger dimensions and weight should be directed to the address of our warehouse:  MARKOM    41-100 Siemianowice   ul. Komuny Paryskiej 14

There is not constant service in the warehouse yet, therefore all deliveries and pickups should be agreed beforehand. The necessary information can be obtained by phone: 535876135


We conduct business paying attention to the natural environment. Since 2016 we have been cooperating with the ELECTRO-SYSTEM Recovery Organisation. More information is available here

Cooperation with ELECTRO-SYSTEM has been extended for 2019.

Our individual registration BDO number is: 000002916.


2019-11-10  Change of the website name to "MARKOM MICROWAVES"

We want to clearly indicate the field in which we specialize. The first step is to add "MICROWAVES" to the name. This change will in no way affect the legal status of the company or the contracts signed.

2019-05-14  The commissioned tests for drying waste from lead-acid batteries were carried out

Waste from lead-acid batteries is a significant burden on the environment. Fluid and acid residues on enclosures are an additional problem. The drying tests carried out using microwaves have shown that this is a method that can be used in the future in the process of utilizing such hazardous waste.

2019-02-28  There are 7 service companies in Poland using our microwave generators

The number of companies providing services related to drying buildings and eliminating wood pests is gradually increasing. These are construction, disinfestation and conservation companies.

2018-11-02  Extension of the contract with the ELECTRO-SYSTEM Recovery Organization

Caring for the environment, we ensure the safe disposal of our products. Once again, we are extending the contract with the ELECTRO-SYSTEM Recovery Organization.

2018-04-30  Production of new generators from the MG18-1500 series has started

We are introducing a new type of generators that have more power, are smaller and lighter. Thanks to this, transport and services will be even easier.

2018-04-02  The production of MG5 generators has been completed

The production of MG5 generators has ended. A large group of users of these devices will still have warranty and post-warranty service.


2019-12-06   An order for magnetron heads for a vending device has been completed

2019-11-30   An order was completed for the MG18-1500BA set with a TL520 lifter

2019-11-22   An order for a batch of microwave heads has been completed

2019-09-25   Supply of a microwave pultrusion test oven

2019-03-11   The order for microwave modules AGA18-1000 was completed

2019-01-18   The order for generator sets MG18-1500BU has been completed

2018-07-16   A fence maintenance and impregnation service has been provided

2018-06-12   The service of eliminating wood pests in a single-family house has been performed

2018-03-29   An order for a test flow reactor has been completed