Design and optimization

szafa sterownicza


We design microwave generators, magnetron heads, waveguide paths, equipment elements. Designed for drying, heating, melting, burning, supporting chemical processes and scientific research.

The operation of microwaves can be supported by IR or UV radiation, hot air blown, modified atmosphere or vacuum.

optymalizacja systemów mikrofalowych


The design process is supported by computer simulation of microwave field distribution in the chamber and the processed material. Simulations help make technical changes and optimize the shapes and dimensions of the device.

Thanks to this, it is possible to extend the working time without failures, achieve 20 - 25% higher efficiency (performance) of the system and improve the quality of the product.

układy pomocnicze dla urządzeń mikrofalowych

Auxiliary systems

We offer cooling systems, fire protection systems, thermal insulations and measuring devices necessary for the proper operation of microwave systems.

In industrial technological lines, we suggest using a water cooling system. If it is justified, we suggest fire protection systems installed inside microwave chambers. Ceramic insulating materials protect the personnel from excessively high temperature of the microwave device casing. Automatic microwave field measurement systems inform the user about exceeding the permissible level.