Design and optimization

szafa sterownicza


We design microwave circuits, devices, systems and components of production lines.  These include generators, magnetron heads, conveyor tunnels, closed chambers, flow reactors, etc. They are used for drying, heating, melting, combustion, supporting chemical processes and scientific research.

Microwaves can be supported by IR or UV radiation, hot air blow, modified atmosphere or vacuum.

optymalizacja systemów mikrofalowych


The design process is supported by simulations of microwave field distribution in the chamber and material. Simulations help us modify technical solutions and optimize the shape and dimensions of the microwave chamber.

Thanks to this, we achieve better system performance, reduce energy losses, and improve product quality.

układy pomocnicze dla urządzeń mikrofalowych

Auxiliary systems

For the operation of microwave devices and systems, auxiliary systems such as cooling, fire protection installation, thermal insulation and measuring systems are necessary.

We offer solutions suitable for each system.

Cooling microwave systems is a good example. In most industrial process lines, the cooling system is based on forced air ventilation. For some applications, we suggest using a water cooling system. Thanks to this, microwave devices do not overheat, the number of failures is reduced, there is no dustiness of other systems, there are no problems associated with the construction of the exhaust system.