Industrial magnetrons

Magnetron is an electron tube that generates high-power microwaves. We usually use magnetrons operating in the 2450 MHz band, usually with a power of 1 to 3 kW.

In industrial applications, it is important to choose the right components that meet your criteria. One of the most important criteria (apart from power) is magnetron cooling. There are two options to choose from: air or water cooling. Air cooling is used in devices that operate under normal ambient conditions. However, if the magnetron works in dusty conditions or elevated temperatures, we suggest using water-cooled magnetrons.

We offer the necessary additional equipment for magnetrons.


OM75P magnetron

The 1000W OM75P magnetron is most commonly used in the construction of industrial microwave systems with many power sources.

It is offered in an air-cooled and water-cooled version (pictured). Works in systems with smooth power regulation. Elements matching magnetron are: BJ2211 launcher and switched-mode power supplies from the MP-1000 series.


2M343 magnetron

Air-cooled 1500 W magnetron. Adapted to continuous operation in industrial systems.

In cooperation with the MP-1500 power supply, its power can be smoothly adjusted. It is used, among others in MG18-1500 generators.


2M463K magnetron

It is an industrial magnetron with a power of 1500 W. Due to water cooling it is ideal for the construction of magnetron heads and industrial systems.

In combination with the switched-mode power supply of the MP-1500 series, you can smoothly adjust the magnetron power. It also works with the LC-1500 transformer power supply. It is attached to the launcher in the WR340 or BJ2211 standard.