Microwave magnetron heads

mikrofalowe głowice magnetronowe

Each microwave device must be equipped with at least one microwave source. The best solution is to use compact modules or magnetron heads. These are compact constructions that are easily attached inside the device or directly on the casing. This solution is used in all types of microwave devices, i.e.

  • drying tunnels with conveyor belt,
  • furnaces, chambers, mixers,
  • flow reactors,
  • vending machine.

We offer many types, models and versions of magnetron heads, examples of which are shown below. A diagram that will help you choose the right parameters and equipment for your magnetron head can be downloaded here

Microwave output power

Basic cooling



Production terminated



Production terminated. The module can be replaced e.g. with a MMH - 1112130A head.

The proposed module has all the necessary elements for work enclosed in a casing. It is adapted for mounting on the outer cover of devices, chambers, furnaces or tunnels.

The 950 W module, without power regulation, is powered from a 230 VAC single-phase network. A high-performance radial fan cools internal systems.