Microwave furnaces

Microwave furnaces belong to a separate category of industrial devices. Their design is adapted to the specific conditions that prevail inside the microwave chamber.

In many processes such as vulcanization, pultrusion, hardening or remelting, significant amounts of heat are released from materials subjected to microwave radiation.

The use of appropriate solutions and materials ensures proper operation of the device, system and production line.


ISA PUL1709 pultrusion furnace

ISA PUL1709 is a test device designed for the production of composite profiles by microwave pultrusion.

In this process, it is particularly important to evenly heat the entire cross-section of the composite material. Unfortunately, in electrically heated forms, this effect is difficult to achieve.

Two microwave sources with a total power of 1900W, air-cooled, were connected to the microwave chamber. Rods up to 35mm in diameter can be hardened in the. They can have a round, flat, irregular shape. Their surface can be smooth, notched, covered with sand. The whole device is powered from a 230 VAC single-phase network.

The oven is small and light, so it can work in a laboratory or as part of a small test line.

Using electrically heated molds is a difficult task to accomplish. In microwave pultrusion, the profile passing through the chamber is heated in its entire section. The resin curing process occurs evenly on the surface and in the center of the element.

The chamber walls are not in contact with the profile, there is no additional friction resistance. One chamber can be used to produce a number of profiles of various shapes. The shape of the hardened profile (round, flat, irregular) or the type of surface (smooth, crimped, sanded) does not matter.