About us

The MARKOM company was founded in 1990.

Initially, we performed services: installation and servicing of radiotelephones and assembly of telecommunications lines.

In 2011 we started designing our own microwave generator for drying walls and foundations. It quickly turned out that this technology is also great at eliminating pests in wooden construction elements. The production of dedicated devices for service companies has started.

In addition, in the years 2013 - 2018, services related to drying walls and eliminating wood pests were carried out. During this time we achieved three goals:

  • showing a wider range of people interested, the practical capabilities of devices and the advantages of microwave technology,
  • unique knowledge about the methods of performing services using microwave devices has been acquired,
  • practical experience was later used in the production of subsequent models.

In 2015 we started activities aimed at entering the market of industrial equipment and systems. The first module (magnetron head) adapted for mounting on a microwave tunnel jacket was developed and implemented for production.

In 2017, the first small flow reactor supporting the chemical process and test microwave pultrusion oven were designed and manufactured.

Currently, our offer includes many solutions, devices and microwave systems. We provide materials and service elements. The design department has received new programming tools. We are increasingly using the possibilities of simulation and optimization.

systemy i urządzenia mikrofalowe

Systems, devices, materials

  • drying tunnels for loose and solid materials,
  • flow reactors in technological lines,
  • furnaces, chambers, vacuum mixers,
  • generators, heads, modules,
  • magnetrons, waveguides, tuners, circulators, water cooling systems.
stanowisko projektowe urządzeń mikrofalowych

Computer aided design

Because device design requires modern IT tools, our design department has a parametric CAD program. Thanks to it, it is possible to design any kind of 2D and 3D geometry, control systems and cabling.

This allows us to create project, technical and commissioning documentation.

symulacje komputerowe mikrofal

Computer analysis and simulations

In the design process, we include dielectric parameters of the material to be subjected to microwaves. Thanks to the advanced analysis of the microwave field distribution in the chamber and the product, it is possible to optimize the shape and dimensions of the device.

By introducing the necessary design changes and technical solutions, we increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the technological process.