Microwave generators

The MG20-1500 series microwave generators designed and manufactured by MARKOM replaced the popular MG18-1500 and MG5 devices and Versatile sets. The latest design and applied solutions allowed us to further reduce the size while maintaining all operating parameters.

The MG20-1500 series generators are dedicated to performing works related to drying walls and foundations and eliminating wood pests in building structural elements. Additional equipment (waveguides, lifters, platforms, measuring devices) ensure greater comfort of work.

We currently manufacture one model: MG20-1500BU.

Due to their advantages, they are eagerly bought by private individuals, service companies and conservators.

Manuals for older models can be found in the "downloads" tab.

Generator mikrofal MG18-1500BU

MG20-1500BU microwave generator

Model MG20-1500BU (BUsiness) with 1500W microwave power is dedicated to renovation and construction companies as well as conservators of monuments.

It is most often used for drying walls and foundations after flooding, for waterproofing by injection and for eliminating wood pests in buildings.

Additional elements, such as a programmable timer, detachable control cable or proprietary quick waveguide replacement solution significantly facilitate working in hard-to-reach places or at high altitudes.

Operating frequency 2450 ±50 MHz
Output power max. 1500 W
Microwave output open waveguide
Supply voltage single-phase 230 VAC
Power consumption max. 2000 W
Supply network slow-blow fuse, 10A
Cooling forced air circulation
Volume max. 65 dB
Warning about danger red flash
Level of protection IP33
Dimensions of the microwave generator 28 x 39 x 31 cm
Microwave module weight 9 kg
Controling remote from the control panel
Control cable length 10 m
Power plug CEE 7/7
Control connector 2 x industrial plug / socket